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blankcanvash wanted to know: Can you post some dress types that have the following characteristics: empire waist (or some version thereof), with an almost fairytale/whimsical/goddess look. I know that may sound ridiculous, but that is my fantasy!

Sure! I’m a little busy right now but as soon as I post it I’ll let you know!

And it doesn’t sound ridiculous at all, trust me! Many many girls have the same dream as you, and it’s never wrong to dream, no matter what! Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently..

Thanks for asking and viewing my blog!


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hiltowns wanted to know: Hi lady! I saw this dress (upper left hand corner, strapless and sparkly) on Pinterest and it sent me to your tumblr. Can you tell me where you found it? Website, designer, store, anything....? Thanks for any help! ~Hilary


from which post exactly? could you send me the pinterest link so I can help you out?


04:19 pm, question from hiltowns, answered by beautifulcliche