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for the lovely atehatihan

aqua/greens/blue/gold inspired/patterned for summer weddings


04:08 pm, by beautifulcliche22

as requested: deep red/ivory with accents of black and gold

for the lovely bride-to-be et-per-se-and

enjoy sweetie <3

03:20 pm, by beautifulcliche16
et-per-se-and wanted to know: My wedding is going to be deep red/ivory with accents of black and gold. If you have any inspiration photos for these, I'd love to see them! Thank you!

That’s a very particular color combo but I’ll try my best!

Hope you’ll like it


02:58 pm, question from et-per-se-and, answered by beautifulcliche
my lovely dreamers…

I’m all out of requests so please make me happy, okay?

I promise I’ll answer all of them tonight!


01:19 pm, by beautifulcliche2