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I’m going for a lace-y, nude-y, cream-y, pastel-y, kind of wedding. But I absolutely absolutely looooove baby’s breath. How do I mix them both together?? People around me are telling me to ditch the baby’s breath :( Boooo..



I’m such a sucker for baby’s breath.. I’d never tell you not to use them :)

But I think I understand what your friends are trying to tell you. Although I find it very elegant, I believe that they’re concerned that maybe the whole thing would look a little too pale. You can still have the nude-y, cream-y, pastel-y kind of wedding but I’d suggest you to use some gold or rose gold accents, to bring life to your color scheme. 

any other doubts or requests, please ask!

Good luck to you! and my advice: keep the baby’s breath! :)

01:17 pm, by Aalia2