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Image from the Jennifer Regan Chic Collection 2012

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submission: A wee walk through the woods of New Zealand

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I’m going for a lace-y, nude-y, cream-y, pastel-y, kind of wedding. But I absolutely absolutely looooove baby’s breath. How do I mix them both together?? People around me are telling me to ditch the baby’s breath :( Boooo..



I’m such a sucker for baby’s breath.. I’d never tell you not to use them :)

But I think I understand what your friends are trying to tell you. Although I find it very elegant, I believe that they’re concerned that maybe the whole thing would look a little too pale. You can still have the nude-y, cream-y, pastel-y kind of wedding but I’d suggest you to use some gold or rose gold accents, to bring life to your color scheme. 

any other doubts or requests, please ask!

Good luck to you! and my advice: keep the baby’s breath! :)

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Chantal + Michael engagement session

Shot by 305Weddings

To see the rest of the session click the photo!

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submission: Original wedding song devoted to your blog!

Hi, hi! I manage a songwriting project on my blog where we post original tunes and devote them to other bloggers. I wrote a song that I want to sing at my wedding some day, and I gave a shout out to your awesome blog because I scrolled through it while working on the song. Have a listen if you’d like. I think you and your followers will like it. Thanks for the inspiration! — K.C.


Thank you so much! Just made my day brighter!

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I have a photoset of my proposal to my beautiful fiancee on my tumblr, letsgoherethenthere.tumblr.com and I wanted to submit the whole thing to you, but I could only upload one at a time. I’ll be submitting the rest in a couple minutes

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Can you post  “old hollywood glam” themed and “spanish” themed wedding pictures. (I’m not sure of the direction I want to go in)  I was also wondering if you think the 2 themes could be combined, or if that would be too much?

Both themes coming right up!

Wow, combine both themes? I do think everything is possible, but if you want to combine these two, you must be really careful. They’re both visually strong and detailed, but also have one thing in common: glam! - and we all love glam, right?
Maybe we can try a “spanish old hollywood actress” or something like that lol
I’ll look it up for you and work on an inspiration board…
Hope you’ll like it!


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Submission from Alfie Cooper

Hello from Alfie Cooper! We are a Brooklyn + Denver based wedding invitation company, determined to offer the market non-traditional and creative wedding invitations with a whimsical and design-driven edge. As wedding season gears up, we thought you might like to share our fun new promotion with your readers: “Always a Bridesmaid, FINALLY a Bride…”

Our sympathies go out to ladies who have repeatedly and honorably served their besties by being devoted bridesmaids over and over and over and over again. So, ALFIE COOPER IS OFFERING A 50% DISCOUNT to the chronic bridesmaid who has finally shifted into the pole position – not that weddings aren’t fun, the liquor isn’t free and the Coach makeup bag isn’t worth it.

To get the discount, all the bride has to do is:
  1. Create a Facebook album with pictures showing us she has been a
    FIVE or more times.
  2. “Like” our fan page (facebook.com/alfiecooperdesign).
  3. Post a link to her bridesmaid album on our wall!

Below a postcard about the promotion, but please let us know if you have any questions or need further information. We’d love to be featured on a beautiful cliche!
Thanks in advance for taking a look at our site and helping us make things right for these ladies.

Bridesmaid sympathizers,

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I found this dress on pinterest and traced it back to your page. Could you tell me where I can buy it if that is even possible?



I just answered this girl by e-mail, but I still get a lot of requests about this dress, so I’m posting it here too..

This particular gown (link) it’s by Wanda Borges, a Brazilian designer.

here’s her website: http://www.wandaborges.com.br/

when you enter, go to ‘noivas’ which means ‘brides’ in english


Ty from beautifulcliché

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