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Real wedding post as a Valentine’s Day treat!

Nate + Justin were an absolute joy to work with. Their October wedding was held at Kitchen Chicago and the love in the room that day was palpable. Everything - from the cool decor to their puppy ring bearer to the serious partying after the ceremony - was perfect and we were so pleased to get to be a part of it all.

We are so happy for you guys and wish you all the best! 

Photography: Elaine Melko, friend of the couple || Venue: Kitchen Chicago || Decor: Friend of the couple || Cake: Alliance Bakery || Catering: Blue Plate || Our fave guitarist: Neil Dixon Smith || Tunes: Windy City Mix  


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i do not think that at any point in my entire life i will stop loving the vivienne westwood by melissa lady dragon slingback sandals. they are so adorable and always make me think of disney princesses (more specifically snow white). forever a fave.

photo by cami parker

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